Let Me Sing You A Story(CD)

by Randy Peterson

Released 2003
Released 2003
Exciting story songs that will have kids laughing, dancing, and singing along. (Like to find this digital? Scroll this page and soon you will!)
Randy Peterson's music has been on the must-play list of children throughout Wisconsin for the past twenty years. He now has fans across the Midwest and Coast to Coast. He has produced five children's recordings, two of which have won the prestigious Parents' Choice Award. His latest, titled "Let Me Sing You A Story", is a distinguished iParenting Media Award Winner. He is a seasoned professional who understands kids and knows how to entertain them. His stage shows, and he does over 175 a year, are consistently big draws and leave the grownups going home as happy as the children.

His songs are the kind of catchy, stick in your head tunes that make you want to join in, and if you have been to one of his shows, you know that joining in is just what his audiences do. The concerts are sing-along, clap-along, laugh-along events full of energy and good-natured fun. A secret to his across-the-ages appeal is that parents and kids see themselves in his music, in funny situations that happen to everybody. Also, many songs have subtle messages about friendship, caring, and learning that teach while they entertain.
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