Rockin' Round the Universe!


Rockin' Round the Universe 

Randy's 2019 Summer Reading Program

Randy's Rocking Reading Show is headed for outer space this summer and I can't wait! When I was a child, books opened the door to my own lifelong passion for astronomy. The excitement I felt then will energize this show as we take a musical and interactive trip through the solar system.

My program will be in the form of a story, our story, as we all blast off together in a spaceship to the stars. Along the way we'll be singing the 'Mars Macarena', doing the 'Jupiter Jump' and dancing to 'The Pluto Polka', but we will be learning too.

Using large, colorful models of planets, comets and our own spectacular spaceship, I'll be bringing our story to life with educational fun, all presented for young astronauts!

Our last stop...back on earth so the children can explore the library, where their own journeys may begin!

Length of spaceflight: 45 minutes

Number of astronauts needed: From five to infinity

Cost in U.S. Earth dollars: $325 per touchdown. Discounts given for multiple spacewalks. Travel cost added only if light years from Green Bay, WI.

Journeys can originate from indoors or under the sun.

Supplies required from library launchpads: Imaginations

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